Welcome to the DHTTPD homepage!

If you want to download it, or anything check out the project page at sourceforge.

What is DHTTPD?

DHTTPD is a little program I knocked up after a friend dared me to do it, so here we are!
It's a little webserver made in my spare time. It's main features are listed below. DHTTPD stand for Dublet's HyperTextTranferProtocol Deamon, but that's a bit long for a program name, so I abbreviated it.

Who make DHTTPD?

It started with Dublet, but over the course of a year a few people have joined the effort. Among those are Kefren and derv0. The three of us are residents of the #netbsd channel on undernet.


Reasons not to use it

  1. Lots of discovered and undiscovered bugs
  2. Doesn't run on Minix
  3. Not designed, but evolved
Reasons to use it

  1. You're adventurous
  2. You dislike apache
  3. You have lots of spare time and you like to play around
  4. You have a need for speed
  5. ...

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